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Occupational therapy - a new approach to pituitary support

Occupational therapy - a new approach to pituitary support

Video - hydrocortisone sick day rules

A guide to increasing dosage and protocols for sickness

A day in the life of the Head of Patient & Family Services

Our Head of Patient & Family Services, Pat, talks us through one of her Helpline shift days and what this would normally involve.

Webinar - Adrenal insufficiency and sick day rules

Alison Milne, Endocrine Specialist Nurse will be presenting a webinar on adrenal insufficiency and sick day rules. 

Adrenal Insufficiency Meeting - 17th June 2017

On Saturday 17th June, Professor Peter Hindmarsh is holding an Adrenal Insufficiency meeting in London. This meeting involves various talks and is free to attend.

Research Study - For families of children taking Hydrocortisone

PANDA have therefore designed a questionnaire to help them understand what advice you are currently being given about hydrocortisone for your children.

Coping with short-term memory problems: Part 3

This is the final article is the series focussed on short term memory problems; why we experience them and what we can do to cope. 

Volunteer Training Event 2017

We are happy to say that our Volunteer Training Event was a success! Find out more about it here.

Research Study - Growth Hormone Injection Questionnaires

Have you required growth hormone injections in the past 2 years or do you know someone who has?


Endocrine Nurse Update Event 2017 - Our Volunteer's Feedback

Our Volunteer, Steve, attended this event for us to run our information stand. Here's how he thought the event went and what it was like from his perspective....