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Should I get a vaccine? Our nurse's guide

Pneumococcal vaccine, flu vaccine, shingles vaccine... should you get a vaccine? A guide to vaccines and where to get them by our endocrine nurse.

Heatwave advice

Dealing with high termperatures with pituitary conditions

NHS patient safety alerting system for diabetes insipidus

The NHS has implemented a safety alerting system which should help to minimise the risks for DI patients being denied their desmopressin when in hospital.

Eddie's story - hypothyroidism and head injury

I had three head injuries between 1972 and 2003: an accident when I was driving a truck in 1972, a violent assault in 1985 when I had a basal skull fracture, and the third head injury in 2003.

Michael's story - pituitary tumour affected my sight

Late last year I became aware that I had developed blurred vision in my left eye....

Peter's story - My Addisonian crisis

Be warned, an addisonian crisis can creep up on you without you noticing!

Shirley's story - Cushing's

A story of delayed diagnosis of Cushing's and the effects of the illness. The story starts some eight years before Shirley was, at last, diagnosed with Cushing’s disease; that would be 1997.

Kelly & Ian's story - Baby Isabella's non-functioning pituitary gland

Young Isabella Andrews was born with a non-functioning pituitary gland. Here mum Kelly tells us her story.

Vivien's story - craniopharyngioma

My first symptoms were terrible thirst; I couldn’t pass a pub without craving ice cold lime and soda in a pint glass!

Suzy's story - hypopituitarism

A chance observation from a ballet teacher would start Suzy on a long and challenging journey.