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Introducing our new CEO - Ren Renwick

Ren Renwick has recently started as the new CEO following the departure of Menai Owen Jones last year. 

Diabetes Insipidus #PitHour on Twitter

Sharing some highlights on our diabetes insipidus #PitHour on twitter, enabling conversations about the challenges of living with diabetes inspidus.

Research Opportunity: Cushing's Disease - Psychological and Social Effects

Medical study looking at the psychological and social effects of cushing’s disease. To develop a psychological wellbeing intervention to support individuals with Cushing’s Disease.

Education Morning on Cushing's Disease

The Birmingham Pituitary Academy at University Hospitals Birmingham are hosting an education morning for pituitary patients, family and carers, on the topic of Cushing’s disease.

Rare Disease Day – HRA Pharma Rare Care Campaign supported by The Pituitary Foundation

Get involved with Rare Disease Day campaign by creating a quick illustration to raise awareness of rare diseases.

Research Opportunity: Pituitary Surgery Study

Doctors from National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery are looking for surgery patients to help them with their patient pathway. 

Education Morning on Radiotherapy for Pituitary Tumours

Online education morning for patients, family members and carers hosted by the Birmingham Pituitary Academy.

Research Opportunity: Adrenal Insufficiency Study - The Family Perspective

A research study for family members/friends who support and advocate for patients with adrenal insufficiency.

The DImond Survey

Take part in this survey for people with diabetes insipidus

Christmas Hours & Closures

Our services and office will be taking a short break over the Christmas season. Read here to see where and when you can get the information you need.