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Nurse appeal - patient comments

Some patient comments about their experiences of our specialist endocrine nurse helpline

The insulin STRESS test - the patient's version!

A patients us their view of going through the insulin stress test.

The Water Deprivation Test – the patient’s version!

A patients us their view of going through the water deprivation test.

Living with Prolactinoma: Jessica's story

Jessica's account of living with Prolactinoma as a young adult.

Diabetes Insipidus and me - an 8 year old's story

An 8 year old's account of his experience with DI and his reasons for wanting to fundraise.

Neil’s story - Kallmann's Syndrome

When I Discovered the Name of the Disease That Halted My Puberty.

A patient with two rare diseases - Dan's story

Dan tells us about his experiences of living with two rare diseases.

Lawrie's story - journey of pituitary tumour diagnosis

Lawrie's journey before and after his pituitary tumour diagnosis.

Prolactinoma - from the view of a positive pituitary family!

An extremely positive story from a family who have experienced pituitary conditions for years. 

Prolactinoma: a carer's story - review 11 years on

Looking back over the last 12 years, since Tony had his diagnosis, (pituitary Apoplexy from a macro prolactinoma,) we have at times, had quite a roller coaster of a ride!