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We have started a new series of videos where we ask your question to experts! The videos can be found below.

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Royal Osteoporosis Society

Prof John Wass


Topics in this video include: - Hydrocortisone side effects - Radiation therapy - Diagnosing Cushing's and cyclical Cushing's - Getting a second opinion - Whether tumours can change type - Acromegaly treatment - COVID safety - Improving management of Endocrinology

Saurabh Sinha - Surgery (Part 1)


Topics include - Radiotherapy vs Neurosurgery - Short and long term effects - Transsphenoidal vs Craniotomy - Prolactinoma - Surgery with adrenal insufficiency - When is surgery necessary?

Saurabh Sinha - Surgery (Part 2)

Topics include - Monitoring tumours - Symptoms after surgery - Fertility & menstruation - MRI scans - Life after surgery - Somatuline injections