Diabetes insipidus

Q: If I just drink less, will I pee out less?

A: No, without your desmopressin, you would continue to pass urine and restricting your fluid could be dangerous (unless medically supervised for a water deprivation test, for example).

Q: What happens if my desmopressin has been kept out of the fridge?

A: Although intra-nasal desmopressin can be kept at room temperature for a limited period, long term exposure to temperatures above 8 °C may reduce the effectiveness. Please contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you are concerned that your medication has been left out of the fridge, or if the fridge is broken. Both the tablet form of DDAVP® and Desmospray are stable at room temperatures; there is no need to store these in a fridge.

Q: What should I do if the spray is blocked or the tube is missing or damaged?

A: You should take the whole product to the chemist who will replace it free of charge.

Q: Can I still use desmopressin if I have a cold or hay fever that gives rise to a blocked nose?

A: Only one nostril is blocked, then using the clear nostril should give the right result. If both nostrils are blocked, your doctor may recommend temporary use of the tablets.

Q: I have been having more headaches than normal recently and seem to be putting on weight. Could this be caused by desmopressin?

A: If you drink large volumes of fluids and take too much desmopressin, your body may become overloaded with fluid, which could result in headaches, dizziness and abnormal weight gain. In turn, this could result in a low sodium level in the blood, which is called hyponatraemia. It is important that you contact your doctor if you experience these symptoms as you may be taking more desmopressin than you need. Your doctor will help you to find the right dose of desmopressin and will advise you on the amount of fluid you should drink.

Q: If I can’t remember whether I have taken a dose of desmopressin, should I take another one just in case?

A: It is better to miss a dose than to risk taking twice the amount.

Q: Is it safe to take other prescribed medicines alongside desmopressin?

A: If your doctor prescribes any medicines, you should point out that you are taking desmopressin.

Q: If I have an upset stomach while I am on holiday, what should I do?

A: Mild holiday diarrhoea is no problem. Only if you have any vomiting and/or serious diarrhoea do you need to see a doctor.

Q: Is it OK to take my desmopressin through airport X-ray machines?

A: Yes, it’s fine. For travelling with medication information please see our website.

Q: What happens if I am in a hot climate or taking strenuous exercise which causes me to sweat?

A: As with anyone else, you should increase your liquid intake in such circumstances; your thirst should prompt you to do this.