Patient stories

RachelIn this section you will find some real-life stories of patients and others affected by pituitary conditions.

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Suzy's story - Hypopituitarism

Vivien's story - Craniopharyngioma

Patient's story, by her husband - Diabetes insipidus

Jill Mizen's journey to diagnosis

Eddie's story, hypothyroidism and head injury

Shirley's story - Cushing's

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A sister's experience

Baby Isabella's non-functioning pituitary gland

Have your feet got bigger? Ruth’s acromegaly story

Michael's story - acromegaly

Laura's story - acromegaly and pan-hypopituitarism

Kieley's story - experiencing first symptoms during pregnancy

Lawrie's story - journey of pituitary tumour diagnosis

Gail's story - Hydrocortisone regime

The views expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of The Pituitary Foundation. All information given is general - individual patients can vary and specific advice from your medical advisors should always be sought.