Michael's story - acromegaly

A normal life disrupted by acromegaly, but managed effectively. Michael’s story.

I was diagnosed with TB at 17 and I had one and a half years off of work. This returned when I was 20 and I had to have a further year off work.

At 21, I joined the firm I spent my working life with - 42 years - and I was able to continue my interests. I played tennis until I was 35, then friends moved away. My main interest was chess; I played in four leagues, national and international tournaments. I also managed to play in the Olympic team in 1964. For relaxation I made frequent visits to the Royal Festival hall and National Film Festival.

Not surprisingly, with all the above interests and working full time, at 51 I suddenly felt very tired and went to see my doctor. Although I had no acromegaly appearance, the doctor suspected a pituitary problem and sent me to the hospital for tests. As my doctor suspected, I had acromegaly and duly had the tumour removed and was prescribed bromocriptine. This treatment lasted for 18 years and then failed to work, so I was given monthly injections of Sandostatin, which I still have.

At age 79, I had to give up my interests as neuropathy in my legs became much worse and had started in 2000, but I still manage to visit the Oval for cricket by taxi!

After reading various other stories from acromegalics, I consider that I have been very fortunate. I am looking forward to the return of Australian Rules at the Oval!