Local Support Groups

Cardiff Walk

The Pituitary Foundation has a network of Local Support Groups across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.  These groups are run by dedicated volunteers who give their time to offer support and information to anyone affected by a pituitary condition living in their area.

"The support group is like a second family to me now; we can talk freely about pituitary and everyone understands."

Meetings vary in frequency and content across the country and aim to give members the opportunity to learn about their conditions, both from specialists and the experiences of others. Group meetings are not only about supporting one another as patients and carers, but are also about having fun, making new friends and learning all manner of things that are not solely pituitary-related.

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In the words of a support group member - 'Being diagnosed with a pituitary tumour is a terrifying thing, but there are many support groups dotted around the UK who are there to help.  We have group meetings where someone comes in to give a talk on a specific matter or meetings just to catch up with each other.  It’s a welcome relief to chat to people with similar problems, comparing notes, passing on helpful hints and tips.  It’s fun too, to laugh with others at mishaps or things that have gone awry but from which we all recover. We’re strong and it’s surprising what we can actually cope with when we have to!!! We've got a pituitary tumour, but we're still human and fabulous people to meet. We are proud of what we cope with and are here to help others with their diagnosis.'