Cushing's Support Group

Cushings - Condition specific informal support group (UK)

Our informal support groups differ from our other Local Support Groups in that they have an online presence instead of regular face-to-face meetings as they are not location specific. The Cushing’s online support group is for Cushing’s patients to share information and give peer support to each other. If there is any news particularly relevant to Cushing’s patients, it will also be shared with the group.

Eileen Holt and Pauline Swindells, Cushing’s patients, are the group’s volunteer Co-Ordinators and you can contact the group by emailing to be added to the group’s communications list. You will receive an email explaining how the group works, and also be invited to join the Facebook Group which is part of this group's support service and is looked after by Pauline - the group has approximately 1300 members! 

If you would like to become part of this peer support group, please email Eileen at the above address and she will be glad to hear from you. The group is here to offer peer support and information so do please get in touch.

Links to current information pages that Cushing’s patients may find useful on the pituitary foundation’s website:

Cushing’s Disease webpage: /information/pituitary-conditions/cushings-disease/

Cushing’s Disease booklet: /information/publications/conditions-and-procedures/cushings-disease-booklet/

Shirley’s patient story: /support-for-you/peer-support/patient-stories/shirleys-story-cushings/