London Area Pituitary Patients (LAPPS) meetings are held four times a year, usually in March, June, September and December. At present, 3 of these meetings are held in a different teaching hospital each time, in an effort to reach as many members as possible and to benefit from the wide range of expertise in London’s Endocrine Units.

We aim to have a specialist speaker at every meeting, covering a pituitary-related topic and provide plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Our 4th meeting is a social one for members, usually involving a visit to a London location of interest. This provides members with the chance to share their thoughts and experiences in a non-hospital environment. Over the past few years we have visited several places of interest, including, The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, BBC Broadcasting House, a boat trip along the River Thames and another along Regent’s Canal.

As we meet in different teaching hospitals across London in a 3/4 year cycle we aim to give as much information as possible about the venue in the preceding Newsletter. LAPPS posters are then set up in the grounds and inside the hospital to direct members to the meeting room.

All patients, friends, relatives and carers are very welcome to join us. The meetings are friendly and offer an opportunity for people to meet and talk to others, share interests, experiences and concerns. New members are particularly welcome.

On arrival we hope to provide coffee, tea and biscuits and make you feel welcome by introducing you to other members. So please come along to our next meeting.

We produce 4 Newsletters a year which is an important link for members who cannot travel to the meetings. The preferred delivery method is via email.

To contact LAPPS, please email  or call 0117 370 1320 for contact details of Joy Ginn, the Area Co-ordinator.


Next meeting details:  

After discussion with Judith Kisalu, Endocrine Nurse, at The Royal Free Hospital we have reluctantly decided to cancel the meeting on Saturday 13th June.