Twitter Chats

In 2021, we will be hosting a monthly Twitter hour #PitHour. Each session will have a topic and we will pose questions to get conversations started. This is a great opportunity for patients, health care professionals and others to come together and have conversations around some of the most important issues for pituitary patients. Come and join in, share your thoughts and start these vital conversations! Don't forget to use #PitHour


#PitHour is at 7-8pm on the third Wednesday of every month.


Next Twitter hour: 21st July


To find the conversation, simply search #PitHour on Twitter or visit our profile @Pituitary_org. Join in by tweeting using #PitHour. It is free and easy to set up a Twitter account


You can see questions and answers from some of our previous Twitter hours below:

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Jan 2020 with Prof Stephanie Baldeweg

Sept 2019 with Prof Stephanie Baldeweg

13th April 2020 with Dr Helen Simpson

21st April 2020 with Prof Stephanie Baldeweg

1st May 2020 with Dr Sofia Llahana