Adrenal Insufficiency - Feb 21

 Here's a taster of the discussions we had at #PitHour on 17th Feb 2021, discussing the NHS Steroid Card and keeping safe with adrenal insufficiency.

What are your top tips for staying safe with adrenal insufficiency? Any AI life hacks to share?

Poll: Were you prescribed an emergency injection kit when you were diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency?

63 responses

54% Yes, 46% No

How can partners, carers, family and friends help to keep patients with adrenal insufficiency safe?

 What should patients with adrenal insufficiency expect from their routine endocrine review?

Poll: It’s very important to increase your steroid dose when you’re sick. Were the sick day rules explained to you when you were diagnosed?

40 responses

37.5% Yes explained clearly, 32.5% Yes explained partly, 10% Yes little explanation, 20% No explanation

Is there anything else The Foundation can do or any products we could source that would make you feel safer with your adrenal insufficiency?