School, college and work

Living with a pituitary condition can sometimes be challenging with regard to going to school, homework, exams and going on outings.

Your parents may be able to go to your school to talk to your teachers and classmates about your condition. There may be a nurse who could go into school to explain about your treatment and also what teachers might need to do in case of illness or an emergency. You could find out about a support worker to help you in school or for occasions such as exams.

Going to college or university can be a big change in your life, but can be a positive experience. If full time study isn’t appropriate for you, there may be the opportunity to attend part-time instead. It is important to get a note from your doctor if you are not feeling well, especially if it means that you can't hand work in on time. Your tutor may be able to email or record lectures for you or give you extra time to complete coursework.

The Pituitary Foundation’s ‘School Care Guide’ is helpful for teaching staff at your school or college to understand your specific needs, if you are ill and what they need to be aware of and do.