Holidays and other travel should be as straightforward as possible for younger people, even if you need to travel alone or independently from your family.

It's a good idea to keep a written record of any medical conditions affecting you and a list of all the medications you are taking (both proper and trade names). Most importantly, ask your GP or consultant to write a letter describing your condition and the treatments you are taking. You might also find it useful to carry a repeat prescription script with you. Another good idea- complete and carry the Pituitary Foundation's Patient Care Card.

It's important to get adequate insurance cover before you travel. You'll need to find insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions. Some ideas for you to try: see link to:

Needles and syringes will be confiscated if you do not have documentary proof of your medical need to carry them. Again, if you can, obtain a letter from your GP, consultant or the endocrine nurse at your clinic. Declare your needles at the check-in desk and at security check points. Be prepared to show your letter or other documentation - carry it in your handbag or wallet for easy access. Before travelling, contact the airline that you are using for advice on their policies.